Amplify talentRx™

Entertainment Industry

Amplify talentRx™ represents some of the entertainment industry’s most talented emerging artists in Film, TV, Commercials, Music, Print, Digital Media and Literary across our youth and adult talent divisions.  From up-and-comers to seasoned experienced performers, we represent talent of all ages. Our agents are committed to excellence in every aspect of our client’s careers. Amplify talentRx™ is east and west coast focused, and our client approach is 360º.
This is further demonstrated by the multiple capabilities and offerings we provide to support our clients. We are a new type of talent agency that understands today’s multi-platform entertainment industry and the critical role and impact that digital media and social media have in the ultimate success of today’s entertainers.


We represent the entertainment industry experienced celebs, new talent, and developing talent. We provide our developing clients with a “talentRx,™” their prescription for maximizing their potential.

Bi-Coastal 360º

Our bi-coastal 360′ client focused approach is designed to build a strong foundation, inclusive of the impact of social media, and help to develop our client’s careers to their fullest potential.


By implementing a ‘360º’ integrated approach we enable our clients to combine their talents to generate added exposure and launch new, added revenue streams.


Since presentation and marketing are as important as talent in opening doors and securing the best roles, we focus not only on helping our clients develop their talent, we emphasize the importance of utilizing social media and digital platforms to maximizes career potential. Our unique approach supports and encourages our clients to develop their careers to the fullest potential by exploring all of the avenues available to them.

Join us today, and maximize your potential and marketability with your personal talentRx™